Who we are

We design and build the finest live equipment in the world. We are passionate artisans who understand set and stage creation in its entirety.

We work from bases around the world and we are the only organisation to specialise in staging, scenic design, LED integration, show control and automated rigging.

For us, the spectacle of the opening night is equally important as a quick, efficient load-out.

TAIT Stages, a twelve-part docuseries giving viewers a behind the scenes look at the world of designing and building large scale touring stage sets for world-class productions, is currently screening on AXS TV in the United States.

We are the suppliers of the stage sets for the top ten grossing shows of all time, the creators of the world’s largest landscape video screen and the people who partnered with NASA to put the lyrics of U2’s Beautiful Day into orbit. We embrace every challenge. We build the impossible. We are TAIT.

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    The products we design and build are modular, adaptable and durable. Wherever possible, they form a part of our rental fleet so that they can be used time and time again.

    Our desire for constant improvement in everything we do manifests itself in our attitude to the legacy we’re leaving behind for future generations. We constantly reappraise working practices, design principles and management of resources. Exploring new technologies that are beneficial to the environment is a driving force in everything we do.

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    Carbon Footprint

    We’re continually working to make lightweight, streamlined products that can be transported with the lowest possible costs both to the client and the environment. Wherever possible, we use recycled materials to make our products.

    Our commitment to a smaller carbon footprint doesn’t end with our products. For example, we avoid unnecessary travel with online meetings wherever possible.

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    We work with partners—suppliers, sub-contractors and factories—that share our values and integrity. We look for world-class craftsmanship, environmental awareness, outstanding customer service and a commitment to constant improvement.

    Our suppliers are subject to a rigorous code of conduct to ensure they meet our high expectations for labour standards, human rights, health and safety, the environment and business ethics.


Since 1978, TAIT has been building touring systems for the top entertainment acts in the world, working with clients such as U2, Rolling Stones, Metallica and beyond.

TAIT also serves as the global leader in the production of LED and scenic and staging elements for the live event and architectural markets, as well as the provider of automation and control equipment for the theatrical, motion picture, touring production and themed attraction markets.

In 2011, TAIT partnered with FTSI, a leading supplier of automation machinery and controls for the entertainment industry. With TAIT offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, Japan and China, clients across the globe are assured a unique blend of revolutionary technology, high-quality craftsmanship and personalised service.

In 2013, TAIT Stages premiered on AXS TV, giving viewers a behind the scenes look at the world of designing and building large scale touring stage sets for world-class productions.

  1. 1972

    Michael Tait devises one of the first self-contained lighting towers dubbed the Tait Tower.

  2. 1978

    While working for the band Yes, Michael Tait founds Tait Towers.

  3. 1983

    Michael Jackson does his first moonwalk on Tait Tower’s uniquely designed and fabricated decking.

  4. 1984

    TAIT continues to grow, adding general manager James “Winky” Fairorth.

  5. 1994

    TAIT engineers staging for the record-breaking Rolling Stones’ Voodoo Lounge tour.

  6. 1995

    TAIT moves to a new location Lititz, Pennsylvania with over 40,000 square feet of space and a 25,000 square feet facility for set storage and staging rentals.

  7. 1997

    Adam Davis, Vice President, joins the TAIT family.

  8. 1998

    TAIT tracks the first video screen on the Janet Jackson’s The Velvet Rope tour.

  9. 2000

    TAIT continues to build sets and staging for the biggest tours of the decade, including U2, Madonna, Bon Jovi and The Police.

  10. 2006

    TAIT Towers announces a newly formed executive team with James “Winky“ Fairorth and Adam Davis as equal partners with Michael Tait.

  11. 2007

    TAIT invents its patented MagDeck system – a revolutionary and time-saving means of assembling a stage.

  12. 2008

    TAIT goes to space, partnering with NASA and U2 to design elements for a video shoot on the space shuttle Endeavour.

  13. 2010

    TAIT Towers and Frederic Opsomer found TAIT Europe, specialising in video scenic convergence. This new TAIT family becomes one of the most innovative and successful companies in the live entertainment industry.

  14. 2011

    TAIT partners with FTSI, a leading supplier of automation machinery and controls for the entertainment industry.

  15. 2012

    TAIT transforms the face of video overnight at the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony with the pixel tablet and wins a Guinness World Record title for the largest landscape video display.

  16. 2013

    TAIT wins set construction company of the year at the 2013 TPI awards and a 2013 award for outstanding technology at the THEA awards. TAIT Stages docu-series premieres on AXS TV.