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TAIT Talks

TAIT Talks

Blog Life: Ever wonder what the Chief Creative Officer, Chief Executive Officer or SVP of Live Event think about? Well, TAIT Talks is your chance to find out! We’re publishing a blog curated by our leadership team with talking points that may include industry insights, trending topics, how-to’s, challenges, solutions and more! READ MORE >

TAIT Take Over Vlog

TAIT Take Over

Vlog Life: Want to know what it is like to be an employee at TAIT? Here is your chance to experience it – up close and personal with our TAIT Take Over, a vlog chronicling our employees in action!! This is us. Live and in living color. We’ve strapped cameras to our backs and are bringing you behind the scenes! READ MORE >

TAIT FOT Playlist

TAIT #FOT (Friends of TAIT) Playlist

This industry is full of people from many walks of life and many different professions. Often times, many of us cross paths but never have the opportunity to meet the people behind the scenes. TAIT is changing that! After surveying 100’s of roadies, union members, theatre and production crews, we found that music is what gets our #FOT’s through the day. With music, we can share more about ourselves, our culture and our experiences. So, we created the TAIT #FOT Playlist for you, by you! It features curated, custom-made playlists by a #FOT! LISTEN NOW >