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TAIT Talks

TAIT Talks Presents Dan Braun, Show Director for Metallica

October 6th, 2017 | TAIT Talks
Written by Mia Tinari

Mia is the Global Head of Marketing + Communications at TAIT Towers

Dan Braun, Metallica’s Show Director, sat down with Mia Tinari, Global Head of Marketing + Communications at TAIT, and dished on his use of drones for the WorldWired Tour, what James Hetfield’s reaction was to seeing them opening night, why “ego” has no place in this business, and how Michelangelo and Vince Lombardi influence him every day. Read on….

Metallica's Show Director Dan Braun

Mia: Hi Dan, thanks for joining me here today for TAIT Talks!

Dan: Of course, looking forward to it. I don’t normally have the opportunity to share my work in this type of forum; so, this will be fun for me.

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