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Dell partners with TAIT to share the future of Technology and Entertainment

November 8th, 2016 | TAIT Talks
Written by TAIT Talks

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Over the past months, Dell and TAIT worked together to share what the future of technology and entertainment will look like. After months of meeting, Dell came to our headquarters, equipped with cameras, and captured our work on the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s World Tour. From that filming, Dell published this video, “TAIT Creates Pioneering Live Entertainment Experiences with Dell,” featuring Adam Davis, Partner and CCO, Brian Levine, Sr. Director of Project Management and Jim Love, VP of Engineering.

“This business has transformed from a company that made 4X4 staging platforms to a technology company. Every day, we are pushing the boundaries. When you have 70,000 people showing up to see a concert, you have to make it work. So, reliability and choice of components is everything to us.” – Adam Davis, CCO and Partner

“People have always wanted to gather in public spaces and the more digitally connected they get, the more draw there is to go out and have that real authentic analog experience. At the same time, the expectation from a production standpoint of the audience is ever-growing. My name is Adam Davis, I’m one of the partners here at TAIT and the Chief Creative Officer. TAIT’s this amazing place, we are constantly shifting based on what the technology is going to be. So, today, our focus, globally, is on automated staging, on automated rigging, on computers and show control equipment and media integration and we apply that across the world to all kinds of different markets. We are the brand that you have seen a thousand times before but you have no idea about. We are the guys in black shirts behind the scenes.” – Adam Davis, CCO and Partner

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