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TAIT Project Managers share their day-to-day work routines with LinkedIn

July 24th, 2017 | TAIT Talks
Written by TAIT Talks

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LinkedIn features TAIT Project Managers for their InLearning Series

Project Management from TAIT: Creating World Class Experiences by Tait Towers LLC

TAIT Project Managers: Project management at TAIT is a little different than project management in other industries. It’s much more akin to account management or client management. We’re the people picking up the phone or responding to the initial inquiry, really the first thing to do is to try and understand what the client needs. And then we kind of play this interesting duality game where we’re the outward facing part of TAIT to the client, but we’re also the inward facing representation for the client.

AS TAIT Project Managers, we try to translate as best we can the very technical requirements of building a machine into something that an artistically minded person can understand and work with. Our past experience is a great jumping off point. Normally, the process of man, somebody wants to do something brand new, okay well let’s break it into its parts and think about how we’ve done with the parts before. Maybe that solution was more for a permanent install. The connections maybe are bolted, this show is going to go on the road, so do we need to make the connections more quick release or make it pack better or something like this.

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