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TAIT Group of Companies

The TAIT group of companies is more than just TAIT; but a combination of companies, brands, innovators, partners and craftspeople that set the standard for excellence in delivering world class solutions for live experiences.


Operating as Kinesys, a TAIT company

In 2019, TAIT acquired Kinesys, a premier provider of motion control technology for live experiences with a strong market presence globally. Kinesys designs, manufactures, and sells their products through its worldwide sales and distributor network.  These skills go hand in hand with a service-driven approach to their customers and a keen desire to listen to and act upon feedback from users ‘in the field’. Clients include some of the world’s most iconic venues and largest rental companies. Kinesys equipment is used on shows by artists including Ed Sheeran, U2 and Garth Brooks and in venues such as the Royal Albert Hall and Sydney Opera House. Kinesys serves customers worldwide from their headquarters in London, UK, their service and distribution centre in the USA and a global distributor network.

Location: London HQ, Global Offices

TAIT Kinetix

Operating as TAIT Kinetix

In 2017, TAIT established TAIT Kinetix. TAIT Kinetix is a full service, global creative solutions firm with a focus on experiential architecture, immersive experiences and portable structures. Armed with a suite of proprietary technology and staffed with a collaborative group of experts, TAIT Kinetix delivers unique opportunities for clients to engage their audience, inspire action, be innovative, and maximize their investment.

Location: Lititz, PA

Production Glue

Operating as Production Glue, a TAIT company

In 2016, Production Glue joined the TAIT Group as an acquisition. Production Glue is an award-winning live event company specializing in creative development, technical implementation and show management.

Location: New York, NY

Stage Technologies

Now known as TAIT UK

In 2013, Stage Technologies, a theatre rigging and automation solutions company, joined the TAIT Group via acquisition

Location: London, UK

Delstar Engineering

Now known as TAIT UK

In 2013, Delstar Engineering, a stage and engineering company, joined the TAIT Group via acquisition

Location: Haverhill, UK

Fisher Technical Services (FTSI)

Now known as TAIT Navigator

In 2012, FTSI was acquired by TAIT and TAIT Navigator, a proprietary entertainment automation platform, was born. Since 2012, the TAIT team has taken the beginnings of an automation system and turned it into a feature rich, market leading automation platform that delivers dynamic live event experiences and creative flexibility to operators and users. The platform’s product line of hardware and software supports full entertainment automation including machinery, lighting, audio, pyro, SFX, fountains, and more!

Location: Global Offices