Director, Unusual RiggingSteve Porter
Senior Rigging Supervisor, Unusual RiggingPaul Rhodes


Official Gala

Huawei is a multi-national networking, telecommunications equipment and services company headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong. The tech company’s core values include staying customer-centric, inspiring dedication, persevering, and growing by reflection.

Every year, Huawei attends the Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry, and invites clients, executives and partners to a night full of dining, entertaining and networking at their annual gala. The 2018 Huawei Gala theme was ‘Never Stop Dreaming.’

To meet the gala’s theme, Imagination, brand experience experts, collaborated with Image Unit, Unusual Rigging, and TAIT to create an extraordinary evening that included breath-taking Cirque du Soleil performances and cross-cultural dance collaborations to inspire Huawei’s key audience.

A highlight of the night was a performance by J.T. Church, a 12-year old American jazz and contemporary dancer, who sailed high above the crowd, across the venue in a wooden sailboat to join the other dancers on the main stage.

In order for the 500 kg sailboat to appear as though it were floating through ocean waves, TAIT supplied several custom winches, a trolley system, as well as, an automation package. The trolley system that transported the sailboat was installed into a truss that spanned the length of the venue.  From the ground, 2 BT2-290 winches and 4 BT2-200 winches ran lines up to the sailboat and trolley system allowing the boat to traverse, lift and tilt when cued by TAIT’s automation platform.

“Collaborating with Unusual Rigging on the Huawei Official Gala was challenging yet rewarding as it provided me with the opportunity to further my programming skill sets as an Automation Engineer. To prep for Huawei’s Official Gala, I enrolled in an extensive 3D modeling training session to better understand the flight in 3D space. As a result, I programmed the sailboat flight pre-show and cued the flight via TAIT’s automation platform during the show.” – Charlotte Lockyer, TAIT Automation Engineer.

Click here to watch clips from Huawei’s 2018 Official Gala. Video Credit: Imagination Labs.