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TAIT FAQ for Kinesys Acquisition

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this acquisition mean?

Together, TAIT and Kinesys will be working to link their automation technologies to allow Kinesys products to be seamlessly integrated in new and existing TAIT shows and installations.  At the same time, Kinesys will add some of the market-leading technology developed by TAIT to its offering making TAIT Navigator and TAIT products available via the Company’s global sales and distributor network. For more information, please read our press release.

What is the value of this acquisition?

There are several reasons we made this acquisition.

First, we believe there will be increased demand for Kinesys systems when combined with TAIT Technology and iQ powered by Navigator.

Second, by leveraging Kinesys’ global sales and distributor network we will be able to make cutting-edge products widely available to customers that do not have access to these products today.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, Kinesys is a premier brand and shares a culture of innovation and excellence with TAIT.

Are TAIT and Kinesys aligned in values and missions?

Yes! TAIT’s mission is to deliver world-class solutions for live experiences and similarly Kinesys’s mission is to deliver motion control automation for live experiences.

Like TAIT, Kinesys is a premier brand in live entertainment. Customer satisfaction is paramount to both companies; whether a TAIT project/product or Kinesys product, we provide our customers with a level of service that leaves them advocating on our behalf.

Is TAIT or Kinesys changing its core business?       

No. Both companies will continue to focus on their core markets and skill sets. Kinesys will continue selling premium automation products and TAIT will continue to sell world-class end-to-end solutions for live experiences. The companies will share technology but concentrate on the markets and customers that have always been at the heart of their respective businesses.

What can I expect?

With Kinesys, TAIT is adding dedicated sales and distribution channels, key resources necessary to making some of the cutting-edge products TAIT deploys every day available to more customers worldwide. Over time, Kinesys will add some of TAIT’s products to its offering making them available through Kinesys’ global sales and distributor network.

Will I still be able to buy/rent products from TAIT?

Yes! Please continue to work directly with your TAIT representative on purchasing and renting any of the solutions we provide.

Will logos be changing on existing or future products?

Kinesys is a TAIT company, and it is likely you will see their logo with the words “a TAIT company” on certain marketing materials as well as on both of our websites.

However, the standalone Kinesys brand will remain active on all existing Kinesys products. We do not expect to change the branding on Kinesys products. For future joint products, we will update you accordingly as any changes are made.

How do I find out about pricing?

Kinesys will do all the pricing on Kinesys products and TAIT will do pricing on TAIT projects and products.

For Kinesys, please visit Kinesys website

For TAIT, please visit TAIT website

Will I see any pricing changes from Kinesys?

Kinesys pricing will not change as a consequence of Kinesys joining the TAIT group.

As an existing TAIT customer, will I still be able to work with the same TAIT engineers and technicians?

Yes, the leadership and staff at both companies is expected to remain the same.

Will TAIT continue to offer training and support for all existing TAIT projects and systems?

Yes, the combination will not affect training or support at TAIT.

Will TAIT still provide advice on existing TAIT systems along with potential upgrades and modifications?

Yes, TAIT will continue to provide industry leading levels of service and support to all existing and future clients.

Will TAIT now be referring me to Kinesys to purchase/rent both custom products and standard products?

You will continue to contact the same representative as you do today at both companies. If you are buying or leasing from TAIT today, nothing will change. If you require a Kinesys product, your existing TAIT contact will work with you to purchase/rent from Kinesys.

Will I still receive the same support and service I currently have with TAIT if I purchase from Kinesys?

The support will come from the same company that you purchase(d) from. If you purchase(d) directly from Kinesys, Kinesys will provide the support. If you purchase(d) from TAIT, TAIT will provide the support.

If you lease or rent from TAIT and receive Kinesys equipment, your support will be through TAIT.

If I have a problem with my existing Kinesys product, who should I contact for support and service?

Please contact Kinesys technical support.

Have TAIT or Kinesys’ email addresses, phone numbers or office locations changed?

No. All the contact information you have for TAIT North America, TAIT Europe, TAIT Asia, Kinesys, and Kinesys USA stays the same.

When can I expect to hear from TAIT and Kinesys again regarding updates?

As part of the communications strategy, TAIT and Kinesys will jointly share updates with customers, clients, vendors, and suppliers as progress is made.

If you are interested in receiving updates, please click here and provide your information.

Will Social Media handles change?

All social media handles will remain the same for TAIT and Kinesys. Please be sure to follow Kinesys on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

If I have questions, who should I speak with?

From TAIT:

Adam Davis, Chief Creative Officer

Eric Grossman, Chief Business Officer

Jim Love, Global Head of TAIT Navigator + Products

Mark Ager, CEO Europe

Mary Huwaldt, Legal

Mia Tinari, Global Head of Marketing + Communications

Brian Levine, President of Projects

Gemma Guy Hodgson, Vice President of Global PI Sales

From Kinesys:

Dave Weatherhead, CEO

Andy Cave, Technical Director

David Bond, North America Sales