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TAIT Kinetix

TAIT Kinetix is a full service, global creative solutions firm with a focus on experiential architecture, immersive experiences and portable structures. Armed with a suite of proprietary technology and staffed with a collaborative group of experts, TAIT Kinetix delivers unique opportunities for clients to engage their audience, inspire action, be innovative, and maximize their investment.

What we do:
How We Do It:

We Create, Collaborate, Problem Solve, and Deliver Experience.

As architects and creative designers, TAIT Kinetix creates stories and shares them with an emotional connection through the use of kinetic motion and media integration. With our years of experience in live event, we have solved the most difficult problems around software, robotics, engineering and manufacturing on impossibly tight timelines. The marriage of our creative process and our ability to execute and deliver solutions for our clients is our greatest offering.

Our Work Approach Mirrors Our Values:

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