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TAIT BarBlock™

Imagine going to a bar or restaurant and having to have three empty bar stools between each customer. With pandemic health concerns and best social distance practices not clear, it seems that bar and restaurant owners will have to have three empty bars stools between guests as the default requirement. Now imagine a new product, the BarBlock, which sits on top of a bar or table surface.

The BarBlock is an innovative shield solution designed to partition restaurant or bar guests and encourage social distancing while providing an enjoyable and more-private dining experience. It’s sleek design creates a barrier between guests sitting next to each other and offers a safe solution for guest interaction.

TAIT BarBlock

The portable BarBlock sits on top of a bar or table surface to separate single individuals or small groups of customers. This lightweight solution allows bar staff to easily move BarBlocks from one location to another. If a family of four wants to sit at the bar without social distancing, they can sit together with no barriers between them, but the bar staff will place a BarBlock on both sides of the group to ensure the safety of guests around them.

TAIT BarBlock

The BarBlock Features:

“I’m a pub owner, not an inventor. When faced with not being able to fill 75% of my bar stools and as a result, loosing 75% of my revenue due to this pandemic, I searched for a solution and found none. As I was working with my youngest son on a school project, the idea for the BarBlock came to me. I quickly teamed up with Pelger Engineering and Construction and TAIT to design and manufacture, the BarBlock. As this pandemic passes, I believe that restaurant patrons will feel safe and more comfortable with having BarBlock’s in place as they can enjoy their night out and practice social distancing.”

– Mick Owens, Lancaster County Restaurant Owner – Maize and Micks All American Pub
TAIT BarBlock

BarBlock Packages:

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