Photo: Hans-Peter van Velthoven Muse SimulationWorld Tour For me, passion for the music is where the culture at TAIT began, and it continued to build throughout our business as we grew and took on bigger and more recognizable projects. And the punch that 2020 has brought has only made this passion – and the passion to do what we love - grow stronger. Our colleagues, our friends who are like family, and the thousands of individuals that entertain us every day have been hit so hard this past year. Unlike a lot of businesses, we get to see the results of our work through the audience. There’s nothing else in the world that gives you such immediate satisfaction like applause. This year, I’ve really missed that applause. We went from one hundred to zero in one month. It was pretty shocking. We are survivors. And that’s something that this industry creates, that survival mode – you’re not allowed to take ‘no’ for an answer. It’s something that Michael Tait taught me. There’s always something that will get in the way of what you’re trying to do. It’s just a problem to solve. I can’t wait to hear the applause of an opening night again, standing shoulder to shoulder with all of you. That sense of satisfaction when you’ve just nailed it, knowing we have you – our friends, team and the audiences - to thank for it. JAMES‘WINKY’ FAIRORTH — CEO 3 TAITYearbook2020 2

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