2021 TAIT Yearbook

Dual custom winches were mounted to these trusses and each truss was equipped with a Navigator Camera System. The custom winches fed power to the system, which has builtin image stabilization, simplifying the setup, and reducing the need of additional cabling. Throughout the show, the Navigator Camera System flew the length of the arena, capturing a 360-degree view of the stage and the audience surrounding it, while also tracking the performers via Blacktrax interface. Powered by the TAIT Navigator Automation Platform™️, the Navigator Camera System provides live and recorded footage with 360 degree coverage of the stage. Typically, creating this footage requires static cameras positioned intrusively in the arena. TAIT Navigator Images: Jeff Vinnick 33 Eric Church’s 55-date Gather Again tour marked a return to touring for the Nashville singer-songwriter. One of the show’s unique elements was the flying Navigator Camera System which shot live IMAG footage for the overhead big screens. With the stage in the round, we installed two 165 ft trusses into the overhead rig that ran in parallel to both sides of the stage.