2021 TAIT Yearbook

Kinesys, a TAIT company, supplied DigiHoist controllers for the theatre’s fixed-speed hoists, in addition to 19 of its proprietary variable-speed chain hoists. The hoists can be reconfigured and moved around the theater to lift video walls, props, and other scenic elements, depending on the unique demands of each show. Kinesys Images Facing page: Ralph Larmann for Carrie Underwood: REFLECTION: The Las Vegas Residency. Designer and Producers - Fireplay Top & left: Resorts World Theatre 37 Resorts World Theatre in Las Vegas is a 5,000 capacity, multi-level live performance venue and a key element of the first new development on the Las Vegas strip for over a decade. The project brought together three key TAIT skill sets: automation, rigging, and staging. We built a complex automation system consisting of 12 line sets with 11 BT2-490 winches and a specially built, custom 170ft winch, with our proprietary Navigator Automation Platform™️ providing automation throughout the theater. To add flexibility to the 13,550 square feet of staging, our Mag Deck™️ risers, stage apron, and tech ledger system deliver extra performance space, alongside additional lighting and audio positions. Carrie Underwood’s REFLECTION: The Las Vegas Residency – a retrospective highlight reel of her 15-year performing career – was the first show through the door of the brand-new venue.