2021 TAIT Yearbook

Top right image: Black Crowes. Shake Your Money Maker Summer Tour 7 In any live event, you have the usual things that change and evolve as you’re trying to get the show together, but in 2021 we had the added complication of trying to adapt to situations where we weren’t certain the shows were even going to happen. We were always just trying to get ahead of the game with everything in the world changing almost minute-byminute. We just had to make sure we were ready for whatever was going to happen next. With The Black Crowes [TAIT’s first show after the pandemic began], we didn’t know if we were going to be able to make it work, so the opening night was a big celebratory moment. It felt like the world was waiting – there were no other tours out there. When the lights went down, and we got to hear applause again, it was a real moment – I think it’s fair to say we all missed the interaction with the fans the most. When you’re putting on a show, you have to be mindful of the fact that the most important thing is that you’re putting an environment together for the artists to perform within. They need to be able to communicate. Actors need to be able to play off each other, musicians need to be able to relate to each other on stage and make music. So there are a lot of little nuances – how far the bass player is from the drummer, how far downstage the singer is – we’ve got to put the artist in an environment where they feel comfortable. Bruce Springsteen is a perfect example. Designing a stage for a Springsteen show is as much of a challenge as a giant Taylor Swift spectacle. The challenge there is that ten musicians need to be serviced by technicians while simultaneously feeling comfortable in their own environment to make live music sound great. So we're trying to create an environment that feels as if they were in their living room jamming. That’s always the test: how do we merge the artists with our art? I know that if somebody comes to us with even the smallest seed of an idea, we can design it and execute it better than anybody else in the world, but I think what’s often more important than the actual result is the process. When you streamline that process, when you’re efficient and you’re not wasting money, then you’re giving the client real value. It’s not that hard to have a good-looking show, but it is hard to have a good-looking show that’s logistically efficient. That’s way more of a challenge and we strive for efficiency in every department along the way. That’s our ultimate goal. “The Black Crowes opening night was a big celebratory moment. The world was waiting. When the lights went down, and we got to hear applause again, it was a real moment.”