2021 TAIT Yearbook

87 “There’s nothing that compares to being live and in-person. Gathering to collaborate with some of our long-time partners, generating energy through the exchange of ideas, producing creative ways to connect brands to consumers – it’s what I live for. The moment when you see that idea come to life, as people arrive for shared experiences, makes it all worth it.” Claudine Goin Head of Business Development, productionglue, USA “Watching colleagues embrace new opportunities across sustainable practices is an absolute joy for me. We’re seeing new ideas take shape and roll out across the business, from the way we recycle our wood in Haverhill, to working with local social enterprises.” Carol Scott, Principal Sustainability Advocate, TAIT, UK “Taking our unique approach to design and engineering and applying it to a whole new market - working with Bunda's fitness professionals to create a proprietary station for the Bunda workout experience.” Scott Levine Project Management, TAIT, Lititz, USA Moved Us