2021 TAIT Yearbook

9 In the history of this business, the past two years have been the most challenging. What I’m most proud of is how our team just showed unbelievable resilience and adaptability to accomplish projects when we’ve had every obstacle thrown at us, from closed borders to complete lockdowns. That landscape made some of the smallest projects some of the hardest to accomplish, but we also managed to create some of the epic, large-scale experiences we’re known for, including a nighttime spectacular for a major theme park, and automation and scenic for multiple artists at this year’s MTV VMAs, alongside many others. I pinch myself at how lucky we are to have the caliber of teammates that we have, and the passion of our team to fight the good fight on behalf of our customers every day. What we do isn’t easy, because our deadlines are real, and the challenges that we face often seem insurmountable. But the resilience of the team to knock down every barrier on behalf of the customer and our company to create success is just remarkable to watch. One of the things that makes this company truly unique is that, in a typical business, you might have one or two people that have an entrepreneurial mindset. If you look around this company, you’ll find the percentage of team members with that mindset is extraordinary. We have an entrepreneurial approach throughout every one of our teams. Looking forward to 2022, we’ve really used the pandemic to focus on continued growth in the experiential world, where we can take our skills and technology to individuals in public spaces. The ITEC partnership is really key to our strategy, because they’re domain experts in what they do. And, as a team, we want to surround ourselves with the best talent in the world. ITEC fits that mold perfectly. ITEC also gives us a significant presence in Orlando, which we believe is the epicenter of global theme parks going forward. And then there’s the Middle East. In 2021, we had many team members living and working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix F1 Race and MDLBEAST’s SOUNDSTORM, and also in Dubai for Expo 2020. The Arabian Peninsula is already a huge part of what we’re doing, and the next decade is going to be a real story of growth for us, much like Europe, the Americas, and Asia have been in the past. This year, it really struck me how much I missed watching the joy that audiences get when they come together. How lucky are we that we’re able to be part of those moments? And how lucky are we that we’re able to entertain audiences around the world? I’m definitely more aware today than ever of how entertainment is the one thing that crosses all boundaries. And with that, I believe we have such a unique responsibility, because we create these groundbreaking events that bridge those gaps between people; that bring people closer together. Images Top right: SOUNDSTORM Bottom right: Oceans of the World, Dubai, United Arab Emirates