The future of entertainment automation

By combining the power of Navigator with an intuitive interface, iQ simplifies the user experience and maximizes the creative flexibility of live events.

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  • Easy to learn and easy to use
  • Flexible role-based workspaces


  • Rapid movement to stay ahead of creative demands
  • Adaptable programming
  • Easily control & program any device


  • Controls motion, lighting, sound and video in single UI
  • Supports many users and axes simultaneously


  • Accessible and comprehensive training and support
  • Battle tested in hundreds of shows for over ten years

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TAIT provides customized, bespoke support packages that include a vast offering of benefits.

  • Unlimited, 24-7 telephone, email, and customer portal support
  • A dedicated support manager
  • Remote access support
  • Access to TAIT’s online knowledge base including receipt of product bulletins and product release information


TAIT has centralized the group's service efforts to further meet the needs of our clients and deliver full support of our product line. Contact TAIT’s live 24-hour support team and a specialist will assist you with your needs:

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