Boulevard Theatre

Walkers Court - SoHo, London

As part of the multimillion-dollar redevelopment of Walker’s Court, in the heart of Soho, London, the new, world-class Boulevard Theatre is born-again.


Making its name in the early 1980’s, the original Boulevard Theatre was part of Paul Raymond’s erotic entertainment empire before closing its doors in the 1990’s. Now, 25 years later, Raymond’s granddaughter, Fawn James, has carried on his legacy and revived the Boulevard Theatre with a robust renovation that offers various forms of entertainment such as in-house productions, live music, comedy, fashion shows, dining and more. With theatre expertise from Soda Studios, Charcoal Blue and TAIT, the modernized venue seats up to 165 people and showcases a reconfigurable theatre auditorium.

For a reconfigurable and versatile theatre, TAIT engineered and manufactured the multi-level auditorium to rotate 270 degrees, move up and down and transform into a variety of configurations via TAIT Navigator.

Dubbed as ‘Europe’s Most Advanced Revolving Theatre’ by The Stage, the auditorium features two levels:

  1. Stall Level: The stall level offers the most versatility as it features a complex revolve system which is installed directly into the venue’s floor. The revolve is driven by 3 drive motors and houses 8 lifts that move up/down to form different stage configurations.
  2. Balcony Level: Suspended directly above the stall level is the horseshoe-shaped balcony level which offers additional seating and rotates to align with the stage configuration set up below.

The entire theatre is controlled by TAIT Navigator which cues the auditorium to reconfigure into preset formations at the touch of a button on an Atlas console.

Due to the compact nature of the venue, TAIT provided creative integration solutions to install the equipment safely and efficiently. For example, the Boulevard Theatre’s 10-axis lift and revolve system is more complex than most house stages, however, the venue’s floor plan did not offer a load in space large enough for equipment of this size. As a solution, TAIT delivered 30 tons of equipment down a narrow street in Central London and then hoisted the gear through a massive window on 3rd story of the building.

The end-result of the Boulevard Theatre’s renovation is a unique and intimate venue with the flexibility to host a wide range of events from performing arts, concerts, musicals, fashion shows, dining and more.

Thanks to our partners: Director, Soho Estates, Fawn James; Design, Soda Studios; Theatre Consultant, Charcoal Blue; and Photographer, Tom Lee.