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Ride Entertainment partnered with TAIT Towers to design and fabricate, AirSurfer, the world’s first automated, standing and turning zipline. After jointly acquiring the IP for AirSurfer, Ride Entertainment and TAIT worked together to refine and perfect this unique attraction. AirSurfer has the ability to automatically climb and descend hills while turning corners at speeds up to 55 km/h (34 mph). With two years in the making, Ride Entertainment and TAIT are excited to reveal AirSurfer to attraction industry professionals at the 2016 IAAPA Asian Attractions Expo.

AirSurfer Snowboard – Stand on the snowboard and experience the rush of surfing through the air!

Built in the USA,it is fully adaptable to fit any site or terrain that traditional ziplines cannot handle. Its wireless control system ensures safety by maintaining distance between vehicles and controlling the speed of each vehicle. AirSurfer is available in three different vehicle models and offers custom-designed course layouts that fit any property. All ofthe vehicles accelerate up to 55 km/h (34 mph) on straightaways as riders are thrilled with turns, speed and unfolding vistas.

“We are thrilled to release AirSurfer because it redefines what a zipline can do.”– Ed Hiller, Chief Executive Officer for Ride Entertainment

AirSurfer Sniper – An interactive set-up allows riders to shoot targets along the course as the system keeps score!

Ride Entertainment first announced the concept at the 2014 IAAPA Exposition and began working with TAIT shortly after. Over the next two years, Ride Entertainment and TAIT’s engineers re-conceptualized and redesigned AirSurfer. Collaboratively, Ride Entertainment and TAIT’s creation of AirSurfer breaks the mold by combining the best of ziplining and amusement park attractions into one ride.

AirSurfer Soar – This seated model allows two riders to sit side-by-side and fly through the skies!

“Experiences like surfing through the air and laying out designs that navigate around buildings are experiences we could only dream of 10 years ago. Now, through advances in technology and the patented solutions created by TAIT’s engineering team, we feel we are providing an experience unlike any other in the attractions industry. Traditional ziplines and zip coasters cannot offer thrills or solutions like AirSurfer can.”– Ed Hiller, Chief Executive Officer for Ride Entertainment