Creative DesignerMitchell Schellenger
Photo CreditAustin Roa
ManagementJosh Russak + Steve Greenberg
Lighting DirectorEzra Donellan
Production ManagerSteve Curtis
Show DirectorTom Kirk


One Spectacular Night Live Stream

An event that was live streamed across the world on one-night-only, AJR blurred the lines between a concert, a Broadway show, and a movie; bending the very idea of what a live performance can be for their One Spectacular Night.

A completely new show with new setlist and gravity-defying illusions, the TAIT stage included four tiers, with a treadmill built into the top one and a scissor lift built into the bottom one for a dramatic dreamscape. The rigging had a bi-parting video wall and two performer fly tracks. At various moments during the show, the artists fly above the stage as they perform, act out different stunts and interact with laser affects.

TAIT x AJR One Spectacular Night Livestream 2020 3
TAIT x AJR One Spectacular Night Livestream 2020 4

Additionally, this show was the first use of epiQ™, TAIT’s newest automation console, in a concert touring environment. The epiQ console is purpose built for iQ powered by Navigator and unifies the control of all live event operations in one cohesive experience. To maximize the creative potential for AJR’s One Spectacular Night, Marc Thomas (TAIT’s on-site epiQ operator) intuitively programmed the show specific to Schellenger’s creative vision and operated the performer flights and stunts during the performance.

“When we were rehearsing this show and really dialing in all the automation moves with TAIT’s automation team, it was really easy for us to say ‘we need to move the artist down a centimeter or we need to move this faster’ and it was incredibly fast for the epiQ to make those modifications. The epiQ console was the exact tool that we needed.” – Mitchell Schellenger, Creative Designer.

TAIT x AJR One Spectacular Night Livestream 2020 4
TAIT x AJR One Spectacular Night Livestream 2020

With COVID safety at the forefront, the Quarantine Bubble at Rock Lititz was ultimately the safest way for the artists, crew members, vendors and suppliers, including the team from TAIT, to come together and produce AJR’s One Night Spectacular as it required each person on site to stay at the Rock Lititz Hotel, frequent COVID tests, COVID screening and temperature checks every day upon entry at the Studio.

TAIT x AJR One Spectacular Night Livestream 2020 4
TAIT x AJR One Spectacular Night Livestream 2020 4