Directed + ChoreographedMorgan Young
Photo CreditAlastair Muir
ProducedEncore Theatre Productions Limited
MusicDavid Shire
Head of AutomationNick Page

BIG the Musical

Dominion Theatre

For the West End production of Big the Musical at the Dominion Theatre, TAIT UK provided 16 motors and encoders for the productions central stage revolve enabling precise and clean rotation for seamless scene transitions.

Big the Musical Dominion Theatre
“An impressively elaborate set design utilises the huge Dominion stage cleverly with the use of revolves”- Broadway World.

Additionally for Big the Musical, TAIT UK supplied 2 BigTow Classics for traverse floor tracking, all controlled by AU:tour 6.

TAIT Rental Equipment:

All controlled through AU:tour 6.
4 of Inner Revolve Motors HD115 Motor
6 of Middle Revolve Motors HD115 Motor
4 of Outer Revolve Motors HD115 Motor
2 of House Track Drives Big Tow Classic @ 250Kg SWL, 1m/s
3 of Encoders
3 of AU:tour 6 Control Cabinet
1 of Illusionist Control Desk
Local Power Distro
1 of Au:tour Link Hub

Big the Musical Dominion Theatre
Big the Musical Dominion Theatre