Production ManagerJesse Sandler
DesignerSpike Brant & PEDG
Director of ProgrammingFelix Perlta

Bon Jovi

Because We Can - Stadium

For the stadium leg of the tour, TAIT created a 30-meter inflatable 1959 Buick Electra, which spanned the length of the main stage. TAIT supplied all the staging for the tour, including a 34-meter wide main stage, a band riser, and a 30-meter rounded B-stage catwalk.

The Buick Electra’s hood sits above the band and is made of three cold-air inflatable pieces. It is externally lit from various lighting positions during the show creating many different looks. To complete the Buick’s grill which sits beneath the inflatable, TAIT manufactured a grill section which houses 60 custom video frames and custom light poles for four impressions. Four scenic car headlight surrounds were also manufactured to be situated beneath the Buick.

The 2.5-meter diameter surrounds were scenically carved, hard coated, and covered in chrome vinyl auto-body wrapping to provide the chrome bumper on the Electra. A 4-meter by 2-meter Bon Jovi “Garden State” license plate with integrated LED sits across the middle of the inflatable car, adding to the intricacy of the set.

“The set is stadium architecture. There’s a lot of video integrated into it, but it’s not just a bunch of video surfaces.”
Spike Brant of PEDG, Live Design