Production ManagerCharles Ethier
Artistic ManagerDenis Savage
Creative DirectorYves Aucoin

Celine Dion

Courage World Tour

After spending the last few years at her Las Vegas Residency in Caesar’s Palace, Celine Dion launched her 14th World Tour with another extraordinary set designed by an incomparable production team. For the Courage World Tour, TAIT engineered and manufactured an automated mainstage featuring a modular lift system equipped with 20 custom-built TAIT Mod Lifts.

TAIT Mod Lifts are modular, high capacity lifts that are easy to use and almost infinitely configurable. Each Mod Lift is a 42 in. square and can lift a payload capacity of 2,000 lbs. at 1 ft. per second. They are engineered at that capacity with a 10:1 safety factor to ensure the safety of performers and reduces the risk of failure to nearly impossible.

“TAIT custom-built the Mod Lifts with production designers in mind. By manufacturing the Mod Lifts separate from the payload, we were able to offer more flexible design solutions as the operating height of the lifts can vary from 4 – 12 ft. above the venue floor.” – Todd Vernon, Project Manager at TAIT

modular lift system
modular lift system

For Celine Dion’s modular lift system, TAIT built various stage elements equipped with TAIT Mod Lifts and controlled by TAIT Navigator. This includes:

1 Stair Lift

1 Drum Lift

1 Light Wall Lift –

1 Video Wall Lift

2 Band Lifts – 

modular lift system
Fun Fact: The light wall, video wall and drum lifts weigh a total 30,000 lbs. To create a more efficient load in/load out process for such heavy equipment, TAIT built these 3 elements into 1 module of the entire stage so that it can be manually pushed into position as one single unit.

Above the stage is an automated rig housing a kinetic display. The rig is outfitted with LED tubes that float above the stage and 31 Nav hoists that lift the u-shaped video screens and lighting pods up and down via TAIT Navigator.

modular lift system
modular lift system