Theatre ConsultantAlec Stoll, Stages Consultants
Senior Director of Performance OperationsRay Dobson
ArchitectChamplin Architecture
Associate Director of Theater OperationsSteve Miller

University of Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music

Corbett Auditorium

The University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) is a nationally-ranked, preeminent institution where students can learn about the performing and media arts. CCM provides life-changing experiences within a highly creative and multidisciplinary artistic environment. The synergy created by housing CCM within a comprehensive public university gives the college its unique character and defines its objective: to educate and inspire the whole artist and scholar for positions on the world’s stage.

CCM offers an extensive theatre art and production program providing students with the expertise to design, build and operate a production from start to finish in the University’s onsite auditoriums: Corbett Auditorium and Patricia Auditorium. The goal of the program is for students to learn how to operate stage, set and scenery equipment to enhance the stage’s look as well as maximize the cast and crews performance per-show and during the show. Additionally, students learn about different rigging styles and the important role that rigging equipment plays in moving set pieces and creating different dramatic effects in a show. In order for CCM to fully offer this program to its students, a renovation of the Corbett Auditorium was required.

Originally, both the Corbett and Patricia Auditorium were built with manual counterweight rigging systems. With the advent of staging and entertainment automation technology, CCM relied on TAIT to renovate the Corbett Auditorium utilizing an automated rigging system. It is well-intentioned by CCM, that students will have a superior technical advantage upon graduating due to their first-hand experience in training on a manual rigging system in the Patricia Auditorium and an automated rigging system in the Corbett Auditorium operated by TAIT Navigator, the leader in entertainment automation.

“Our goal has been to bring the technology of this theater not only up to date but into the future. That’s essential if we’re going to provide our students with a learning environment that prepares them for the field they’re going into,” Ray Dobson, Senior Director of Performance Operations at CCM.

To prep the Corbett Auditorium for the future, TAIT installed 47 Big Tow Winches and 7 custom-built winches into the theatres overhead rigging. TAIT also provided TAIT Navigator, a proprietary automation platform, and an extensive automation package including three consoles (the Compass, Polaris and Atlas) as well as Navigator Sofware (Navigator GUI and iQ Powered by Navigator). 

With CCM’s extensive theatre production program, students will learn how to operate the mechanical winches capable of moving scenic set pieces and/or flying performers at maximum speeds of 10 ft. per second. By having a diverse set of Navigator products onsite, students can gain experience operating stage and scenery well in advance of their first post-graduate job.

“By partnering with CCM, we are curating future live event production experts. CCM graduates will not only have their degree in theatre production, they will also be certified TAIT Navigator operators who will have first-hand experience operating state-of-the-art winches used for the likes of Cirque du Soleil, Celebrity Cruises and Hale Centre Theatre.” – Gemma Guy, VP of Business Development, PI at TAIT.