VELD Music Festival Toronto 2016

TAIT manufactured and engineered Deadmau5’s LED cube design for the 2016 VELD Music Festival in Toronto, CA. The kinetic, robotic, LED cube was controlled by TAIT Navigator, a software automation platform.

“Deadmau5’s newly refurbished cube design was revealed in full, displaying the expertly crafted and stunning arrangement of glowing panels and shapes.” – Your EDM dot Com

Veld Music Festival Deadmau5
kinetic cube

Watch Todd Vernon, project manager at TAIT, on his episode of TAIT Take Over where he brings you behind the scenes at Veld Music Festival.

Watch the Web series created by TAIT and Deadmau5 for his “Lots of Shows in a Row Tour’ which features a newer version of Deadmau5’s Cube, now known as Cube 2.1.