Production ManagerPaul Lovell-Butt
Creative DirectorWillo Perron
Lighting DesignerJesse Blevins


Aubrey & Three Migos Tour

On the heels of dropping his record-setting album, Scorpion, Drake launched the Aubrey & The Three Migos Tour with a high-tech video set custom built by TAIT.

In collaboration with Creative Director, Willo Perron, Lighting Designer, Jesse Blevins, and Production Manager, Paul Lovell-Butt, TAIT fabricated Drake’s video stage with 288 video decks giving fans a 360 view of the pop star as he performs in the middle of the arena.

Drake's video stage
“TAIT worked closely with Drake’s creative design and production teams throughout the entire process. As the design underwent revisions, TAIT continued to work quickly to deliver new elements and modifications as the show continued to evolve.” – Todd Vernon, Project Manager at TAIT.

Following Migos’ opening set, Drake hits the stage via a performer lift with an Austrian curtain shielding the stage. The curtain displays video content of Drake’s silhouette as he raps the lyrics of “8 out of 10.” To achieve the silhouette effect, TAIT Navigator, a proprietary automation platform, communicates position feedback of the Austrian curtain to the media server for projection purposes. After a few songs, the Austrian curtain is lifted and reveals Drake and his video stage. A unique feature desired by Drake’s team was video content mirroring. To mirror the content displayed on Drake’s video stage, a video border equipped with 260 ft. of video paneling surrounded the stages overhead rig.

Drake's video stage
Drake's video stage

TAIT provided a total of 31 Nav Hoists which are installed into the overhead rigging and controlled by TAIT Navigator. 16 Nav Hoists fasten the video border into place, 10 Nav Hoists lift trussing furnished with Verity Studio’s drone infrastructure and pyro effects, 4 Nav Hoists move a lighting chandelier up/down in the center of the rig, and 1 Nav Hoist is used to lift/lower a basketball hoop on stage.

In addition to Drake’s video stage and vibrant video border, TAIT custom-built a band platform with a 42 ft. long runway that connects to the main stage, as well as, a front of house VIP platform. To ensure safety and avoid slipping hazards, TAIT outfitted the VIP platform with an inlaid eco-rubber decking and LED-lit handrails so VIP ticket holders can safely access the VIP cocktail area.

A highlight of each show and an often talked about moment comes mid-show when Drake takes a break to shoot hoops with a local NBA player or pre-chosen fan from each city the tour stops at. Drake’s video stage is transformed via video content, into a near regulation basketball court and a basketball hoop lowers onto the stage. With the court lines lit up, Drake challenges his all-star guests to shoot baskets from the half court line with monetary incentives.

Drake's video stage
Drake's video stage

Later in the show, Drake performs his biggest career hits including “One Dance,” “Hotline Bling,” “Nice for What,” and “In My Feelings.” Capitalizing on his Instagram notoriety, during his performance of “In My Feelings,” the video stage transforms into an iPhone with the Instagram app opened and scrolling through all of the “In My Feelings” videos uploaded by fans all over the world. And, yes, even TAIT got in on the challenge. Watch here!