Lighting DirectorGavin Lake
Production ManagerMarc Earp
Tour ManagerTodd Bunch
Creative DirectorButch Allen

Eric Church

Holdin' My Own Tour

Country icon, Eric Church, opened his ‘Holdin’ His Own’ tour in January 2017. Church’s production team turned to TAIT to build and manufacture a stage that provided Church and his band the ability to move freely with multiple mic positions. The 85 ft. by 66 ft. main stage incorporates several level changes using three of TAIT’s scissor lifts and slip stages, as well as, an 1,800 sq. ft. downstage pit where VIP’s enter through tunnels under the stage on each side. Throughout the show, and on cue (via TAIT Navigator), TAIT’s slip stages open and the scissor lifts rise to stage level to reveal the bands instruments allowing the stage to remain clean and streamlined for Church’s two set show.

Eric Church Stage
Fun Fact: Because Eric Church is sponsored by Jack Daniels, TAIT sprayed the liquor into the base paint before coating the stage.
Eric Church Stage

“The Eric Church production and design team have partnered with TAIT from our very first tour. TAIT’s uncanny ability to understand my ramblings, provide the production team with a wide reaching range of solutions across many disciplines, and consistently deliver a superior product makes them a crucial part of our touring family.”

– Butch Allen, Creative Director