Production ManagerJay Schmit
Show DirectorBaz Haplin
Show DesignerBaz Haplin

Katy Perry

Prismatic World Tour

For Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour, TAIT engineered a performance environment that was equally imaginative as it was versatile. Working under the artistic direction of SilentHouse’s Baz Halpin, TAIT produced a full-spectrum set with 3 massive, tracking video triangles at the centerpiece of the design.

The video deck surface can rotate 360 degrees and travels 1 meter below the stage for performer loading.

The triangles track 5 meters upstage and down, as powered by TAIT Navigator, a proprietary automation software platform. Each of the bases contain integrated light and LED tiles. The smallest of the 3 triangles measured 8.8m in width x 4.5m in height; the middle triangle at 16m x 8m and the largest at 23m x 11.6m. With the inclusion of the stage, the pinnacle of the structures topped off at 13.7m in height. The rigging scope of these massive triangles weighed in at 15.8 metric tons.

Katy Perry Prismatic World Tour
A video thrust is positioned at the front of the stage, with a center triangle lift. The lift is masked by 3 petal surrounds, each containing a custom triangular video deck structure and 2 actuators.
TAIT also provided the automated rigging for the tour, including a 3-D performer flying rig and 2D tracking rig. Other custom elements include a multilevel, cake-shaped lift with integrated LED and candle-shaped dance poles.
Katy Perry Prismatic World Tour