Theatre ConsultantsShen Milsom & Wilke, Ltd
ClientGammon Construction Ltd
ArchitectRonald Lu & Partners

Ko Shan Theatre

New Wing

The Ko Shan Theatre New Wing is a 600 seat theatre dedicated for Cantonese opera performances and was constructed in a new building adjacent to the existing 1,000 seat Ko Shan Theatre. Based on TAIT Stage Technologies expertise in theatre, they were awarded the contract by contractor Gammon Construction Ltd for the stage machinery and automation for Ko Shan Theatre.

The flying system is mainly 44 sets of single purchase counterweighted fly bars rated at 600kg, with the addition of 16 motorized fly bars using BigTow2-250LT (rated at 450kg) and BigTow2-300LT (rated at 600kg) winches for use as lighting bars or for automated flying of stage curtains. Each winch is fitted with a local variable speed drive cabinet with local manual controls. Three motorized curtain tracks can be hung on fly bars as required.

ko shan theatre