Lighting DirectorHarry Forster
Creative DesignerLeRoy Bennett
DesignerEli Linnetz
Production ManagerChris Vineyard

Lady Gaga

Las Vegas Residency: Enigma + Jazz & Piano Show

Art-Pop legend, Lady Gaga, takes fans back to her roots in spectacular fashion for her Las Vegas Residency at MGM’s Park Theater. Lady Gaga’s Vegas Residency is a two-year stint and offers two distinct experiences, “Enigma” and “Jazz & Piano,” that will make Sin City’s little monsters go Gaga! Lady Gaga’s show, Enigma, is a full theatrical production that follows a dramatic, video game-like narrative and transforms Park Theater into an animatronic world of Gaga’s overactive imagination. Throughout the show, Gaga slays anthems from her entire music catalog focusing mainly on the pop-hits that brought her into super-stardom. To create an over the top Gaga experience for Enigma, TAIT engineered various set elements including staging, an eccentric scaffolding backdrop, and 35 active Nav Hoists. TAIT also provided automation solutions via TAIT Navigator.

Lady Gaga's Vegas Residency Enigma Jazz & Piano
Lady Gaga's Vegas Residency Enigma Jazz & Piano

TAIT transformed Park Theatre into Enigma’s eclectic set by building a curved stage apron that extends past the proscenium of the house stage and connects to a runway leading to a b-stage equipped with a piano lift cued by TAIT Navigator. Atop the house stage, TAIT’s massive double-decker provides a multi-level performance space for Gaga and her performers to dance on. For a futuristic aesthetic, the double-decker is surrounded with multi-dimensional fascia panels used for video projection or blow through light effects. On both sides of the double-decker are rolling scenic wagons that move manually to reveal scaffolding ladders that performers use as climbing walls to get to the top of the double-decker.

Lady Gaga's Vegas Residency Enigma Jazz & Piano
Lady Gaga's Vegas Residency Enigma Jazz & Piano

In addition to the staging elements, TAIT engineered a custom-built scaffolding wall which serves as the stage’s edgy and chaotic scenic backdrop. The scaffolding wall is made up of 17 columns of aluminum piping fascia and hangs from three sections of trussing in the overhead rigging. The stage right and stage left sections of trussing are each equipped with 3 Nav Hoists and the center stage section is equipped with 5 Nav Hoists. TAIT also supplied 12 Nav Hoists for Solotech’s lighting pod, 8 Nav Hoists for Jet Set’s halo structure and 5 Nav Hoists for the pyro truss. For a seamless streamlined production, TAIT Navigator cues the Nav Hoists to lift the scaffolding wall, lighting pod, halo structure and pyro truss into position.

Lady Gaga's Vegas Residency Enigma Jazz & Piano
Lady Gaga's Vegas Residency Enigma Jazz & Piano

For the pop stars second Vegas experience, Lady Gaga Jazz & Piano, Gaga performs stripped-down versions of her hits alongside music from the Great American Songbook. TAIT created a jazz spectacular by manufacturing a scenic band riser to sit atop the house stage. The riser reveals Gaga’s jazz ensemble who can be seen at various sight-lines throughout the theater. Coupled together with Enigma, Lady Gaga’s Vegas Residency provides fans with the ultimate experience of new and old Las Vegas.

TAIT Lady Gaga Vegas Residency
Lady Gaga’s Vegas Residency gives fans the ultimate experience of new and old Las Vegas.
Lady Gaga Jazz & Piano show shot compliments of LeRoy Bennett.