Lancaster Vaccine Center

Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health

It isn’t the usual rock-star red, but it is a 100,000 square feet Community Vaccination Center that transformed the ground floor of the former Bon-Ton department store at Park City Center in Lancaster, PA and can accommodate 6,000 vaccinations per day at peak capacity.


Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health, the managing healthcare partner for the Vaccinate Lancaster Coalition was looking for a way to safely and efficiently flow thousands of people through the vaccination process. They needed a team capable of logistical management, who could create an infrastructure including communications, IT systems, security and other behind-the-scenes services required to bring this project to fruition.

“Many companies in the Rock Lititz community handle the safe, efficient flow of thousands of people along with the communications, IT systems, security and other behind-the-scenes services that optimize the guest experience. It’s what we do in hundreds of locations all over the world.” – Andrea Shirk, General Manager at Rock Lititz.

The live event industry came to the rescue, by way of the Rock Lititz team assembling the best in the business. This collaboration between Rock Lititz, Clair Global, TAIT, productionglue, ATOMIC and STRAY Productions was the first of its kind.

“We’re accustomed to converting spaces from their originally intended use into something new, whether that’s a large event, performance space or alternate use. The transformation of the former Bon-Ton store at Park City Center is right in our wheelhouse,” said Adam Davis, Chief Creative Officer at TAIT. “Thinking through how people use and move through the space is a core skillset at TAIT and our producing arm, productionglue, which has been an integral part of the team. Additionally, our team has a deep understanding of COVID compliance and is applying those health and safety protocols for on-site crews, similar to what we’ve implemented on job sites throughout the pandemic.”

TAIT relied on productionglue to dive into the logistics working on feasibility studies for a design that would be COVID-19 compliant, allocating the necessary space to safely move people through the treatment center. Together with Rock Lititz, we used our expertise to transform an unconventional space into high-functioning, COVID compliant vaccination site. This took working hand and hand with Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health and the local government to design a guest flow and an operational layer that would set them up for success.

As a result of this extraordinary collaboration with the best minds in the business, we produced a highly functional mass vaccination site that ensures that the local population can get the much-needed vaccine quickly and efficiently.