Production ManagerSara Full
Lighting DesignerSooner Routhier

The Lumineers

Cleopatra World Tour

For The Lumineers Tour in January 2017, the creative team focused on providing an intimate, small venue, living room-like feeling while performing in a large arena setting. TAIT built a 48 ft. by 42 ft. main stage with a 24 ft. runway that leads to an elevated b-stage lift. The set also includes ambient, pipe-like lighting structures along the stage, and an ornate, intricate and mesmerizing, 16 ft. in diameter chandelier that hangs above the b-stage in the center of the arena. In the middle of their set, the indie folk rock band makes their way down the runway to their b-stage lift and TAIT Navigator, an automation software platform, lifts the b-stage 10 ft. above the audience.

The Lumineers Tour
The Lumineers Tour