Production ManagerJake Berry
DesignerStufish Entertainment Architects
Lighting DesignerAl Gurdon



The long-lasting relationships we forge with our clients is evidenced by our nine-year relationship with Madonna, which encompasses four international tours. For MDNA, we supplied all staging elements, including a unique LED lift matrix – its beauty the sum of complex behind-the-scenes engineering and effortless on-stage fluidity.

Capable of moving at a rate of 67cm per second and reaching a height of 4.78m, the box-shaped lifts offered unrivalled stability for performers. Ease of transport was a fundamental part of the design, with the lifts packaged in dollies which formed the stage structure.

One of the most complex LED lift matrixes to have ever been built, the lifts were clad with 15mm video panels on four sides.

MDNA takes off with TAIT Navigator

Programmed with our award-winning TAIT Navigator, the LED-integrated lift matrix provided the infrastructure for a constantly evolving stage. Crucially, when retracted, the lift surfaces were precisely and absolutely flush with the floor in order to create a seamless performance surface.

We also provided the automation which rotated eight video panels – the backdrop for a show that was dramatic from start to finish, including this cathedral-based opening scene.

The confessional box, also seen here, was smoothly lowered onto the stage and demonstrates our expertise in scenic construction.