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Longwood Gardens

Main Fountain Garden

Longwood Gardens Main Fountain Garden has made a show-stopping return with the help of TAIT Navigator, a proprietary automation platform by TAIT.

In 1867, Pierre S. du Pont, Longwood Gardens founder, was inspired by the architectural design and aesthetics of European fountains. Upon his return to the states, he endeavored to create an environment at his Longwood Gardens property that would inspire, amaze and educate his guests with the combination of art and horticulture. Thus, the open air theatre, Longwood Gardens Main Fountain Garden, and the Conservatory were created. For years, well after Mr. du Pont had passed away, visitors attended events at the Gardens. In 2015, in honor of Mr. du Pont’s original vision of inspiring through art and horticultural,  Longwood Gardens began advancements to the property and The Main Fountain Garden. The revitalization of The Main Fountain Garden is the largest project in Longwood’s history since the passing of du Pont in 1954.

Main Fountain Garden Longwood Gardens
Main Fountain Garden

Longwood Gardens’ design concepts and vision for The Main Fountain Garden focused on conserving its historic architectural features, upgrading its theatrics with a state of the art automation system and enhancing the landscape, site and fountain design. To achieve said vision, and due to its complexity and large scale, the revitalization required experts including Fluidity Design Consultants, Dan Lepore & Sons Co., Beyer Blinder Belle, West 8, Bancroft Construction and TAIT, with the latter being the automation specialists.

TAIT Navigator, the communication backbone of the Main Fountain Garden and famously known for its operation on world tours, spectaculars and theatres including Beyonce’s Formation World Tour, The Opening Ceremony of the Rio Paralympics and London’s West End, The National Theatre, operates all of the fountains (within The Main Fountain Garden). It cues dynamic sequences that ignite infinite light combinations, vibrant fireworks and dancing flame effects, while also controlling the height and depth of the spinning and spiraling water features, which can reach up to 175 feet in the air, propelled by jets.

TAIT Navigator fittingly navigates 10,000 gallons of water per minute through 100’s of jets, pumps and nozzles while keeping the gardens a safe and magical place to watch an awe-inspiring show accompanied by whimsical music playing from the massive speakers positioned on the front lawn.

All 1,077 acres of outdoor gardens transports you from a major metropolis (45 minutes away) to an aesthetic gem reminiscent of European splendor and royal summer garden parties.

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Fun Fact: The Fountain has scheduled performances throughout the day with all genres of music represented from classical to jazz to today’s hits.
Main Fountain Garden Longwood Gardens