Tour ManagerFred Kharazi
Set DesignerLeRoy Bennett
Production ManagerAlan Hornall

Maroon 5

V Tour

For the Maroon 5 V Tour, TAIT provided a customized set complete with floating, scenic stairs from the mainstage down to the runway, a v-shaped B-Stage, as well as various lifts and risers.

The set is accented by a 4.9 m custom acrylic “fishbowl” and side panels that can fill with fog and then quickly evacuate to become clear. The panels also serve as a projection surface. NavHoists were utilized as part of the rigging scope to lift a custom lighting ceiling and a Flying V element.

For the Maroon 5 V Tour, LED strips are integrated throughout the set to enhance the show’s vast lighting and pyro elements.
Maroon 5 V Tour
Maroon 5 V Tour
Maroon 5 V Tour