Lead DesignerMr. Chow

Mr. Chow

Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Mr. Chow commissioned TAIT to create a custom kinetic installation that would serve as the focal point in his new restaurant in Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. The 26 foot fiberglass “moon disk” is made up of six pieces, three of which are mobile. TAIT created and installed the entire installation. The installation, equipment and lighting is controlled by TAIT Navigator.

Mr. Chow

“The beautiful main room, which seats 180, is crowned by a kinetic sculpture, also unique to this location.”
Caesars Palace

Capabilities Featured

“…the impressive, disc-shaped show-stopper was designed by TAIT, the same team behind that other awe-inducing chandelier at nearby OMNIA Nightclub. The 3,800 pound, all-white mass of aluminum, fiberglass and lacquer is part of the restaurant’s upscale, yet interactive vibe – it twists and turns like a moving piece of art, sure to impress diners feasting below.” – Caesars Palace