ConsultantAuberbach Pollock Friedlander
General ContractorRyan Construction

The Musical Instrument Museum

Phoenix, Arizona

The Musical Instrument Museum, the first of its kind in the world, opened in Phoenix, AZ in April 2010. The museum houses 12,000 instruments from nearly 200 countries and territories around the world. TAIT Stage Technologies installed winches and control, as well as an acoustic panel system while working closely with the consultant, Auberbach Pollock Friedlander, and the general contractor, Ryan Construction. TAIT Stage Technologies’ handheld controller is used to run the winches which raise and lower the house and stage light system battens. Additionally, the panels installed can be moved to adjust the acoustic dynamics of the auditorium, a vital component within a space which is dedicated to the art and history of musical instruments.

TAIT Stage Technologies supplied:

• 20x BT2-300 Winches
• 3x BT2-290 Winches
• 2x Variable speed curtain machines
• 1x Handline traveller and track
• 1x Custom BGV-C1 compliant variable speed 1 ton chain motor
• 1x Solo G3 Handheld console
• 1x Preset Station
• Clean and repair theatrical softgoods

Musical Instrument Museum
Musical Instrument Museum