Head of Stage Engineering Automation and RiggingSteve Colley

National Theatre's 50th Anniversary Performance

National Theatre: 50 Years on Stage

The “National Theatre: 50 Years on Stage” event, which was broadcast live from the Olivier Theatre on London’s South Bank, was a dazzling blend of live performance and archival footage celebrating the first half century of the UK’s National Theatre. TAIT Stage Technologies was proud to supply the automation equipment required for this landmark show, including 12 BT2-200 winches, an Illusionist console, and three AU:tour 6 automation control racks.

“TAIT played a very special role in the delivery of this extraordinary production. TAIT ‘s expertise, constant support, cooperation, and understanding were appreciated by all.” – Steve Colley, Head of Stage Engineering Automation and Rigging at the National Theatre

The show was broadcast live, both on BBC2 in the UK and to cinema screens around the world. It featured a wide range of actors from both the present National Theatre roster as well as some from the original 1960s company, in short scenes selected from the 50 seasons. Most of the scenes required more than a bare stage, but were punctuated by archival or recent video footage of performances, actors and artistic teams. These projection screens were flown in quickly and quietly, and were used to obscure set and lighting changes happening behind them. This control system moved the scenic pieces and projection screens with the precision demanded by such a tightly choreographed show for this high-profile, one-off live broadcast.

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