DesignerWillie Williams
ArchitectDavid Rockwell

Omnia Nightclub

Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

TAIT’s kinetic Omnia chandelier features 8 concentric rings, accented with scenic elements and integrated LED product. The stunning installation provides an ever-changing visual display within the Hakkasan Group’s OMNIA nightclub.

For the Omnia chandelier to achieve the awe-inspiring impact intended, TAIT provided full integration of the lights, winches and control system. The rings can descend and rotate into multiple, programmed configurations, as controlled by TAIT Navigator, a proprietary automation software platform.

The total weight of the chandelier is 5,897kg. 21 winches within the ceiling grid system allow the rings to effortlessly move through the space, moving at 1m per second.
Omnia Chandelier
Omnia Chandelier
Omnia Chandelier

TAIT does nightlife right

The largest lighting ring on the Omnia Chandelier is approximately 9.8m in overall diameter and is split in individually articulated halves. The smallest lighting ring is approximately 0.8m.

The set’s back wall and ceiling are made up of vacuformed hexagon panels that create a projection surface for the shows’ vast video content.

Omnia chandelier