ClientFive Currents

Pan American Games

Guadalajara, Mexico

The Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico opened in October 2011 with a spectacular two-hour sequence of music, dance, projection and aerial acrobatics. The opening ceremonies were produced by Five Currents and viewed by an estimated worldwide audience of 200 million as well as over 60,000 ticket holders in the stadium.

The creative intent was to showcase the past, present, and future of Guadalajara. They created four separate scenes celebrating culture, peace, innovation and sport. They had a desire to elevate the show from the ground and fill the space of the stadium. TAIT Stage Technologies provided a plug and play system of lightweight, fast performer flying winches that were re-configured through the show to provide 2D and 3D flying in the five different segments of the show.

The solution comprised 21 winches, reaching speeds of 5m/s, six AU: tour control racks, and two Acrobat G6 desks running eChameleon software and the Sculptor Animation Toolkit. By working directly with producers and choreographers during the pre-production phase, the Sculptor toolkit allowed for the show to be largely programmed before even arriving in Mexico. Once installed, the equipment was maintained and operated for a 6 week rehearsal period, where we continued to work with the creative and stage management teams to finesse the show, adapt to creative changes and deliver the show set out by their original vision. The result was a multi-award winning show. All of the five major segments of the show were made possible by the ever changing flying system, showcasing the gentle flight of doves, mid-air sports, a floating neural network light how, moving projection screens with real-time data fed directly from the winches and a torch bearer flying towards the cauldron.

Pan American Games