Production ManagerJesse Sandler
PhotographyAndrea Nusinov


New Years Eve 2015

“Phish Enters The Psychedelic Hourglass To Ring In 2016 At Madison Square Garden” – LiveforLiveMusic.Com

“With two sets in the books, fans began to ask the age-old question: What are they going to do? Rather than emerging onto the stage, the band positioned themselves in a tight circle in the back end of the floor, directly across from the stage.”

Capabilities Featured

“As the band transitioned from the song to the improvisation section, a thin sheet lowered over the band’s heads, encircling them inside a translucent jam paradise. The whole setup resembled an hourglass . . . [s]lowly, the hourglass took shape and tracked the band’s progression through the remaining minutes of 2015.” –

“With a minute or two left, the hourglass raised slightly, and one by one the band members ran across the room and onto the stage.” –

“[Their] performance exceeded expectations. Truly unique and creative”