Production ManagersBobby Schneider, Joel Forman, Joseph Llyod
Creative DirectorWillo Perron
Lighting DesignerJesse Blevins


Antiworld Tour

For the Rihanna AntiWorld Tour, TAIT worked closely with Creative Director Willo Perron (Willo Perron & Associates) and Lighting Designer, Jesse Blevins (Rock Paper Collective) to achieve the ambitious vision and neat deadline of this tour.

TAIT engineered and designed, a one-of-a-kind, 8 point 3D fly rig that supports a 32′ long clear platform, which levitates above the audiences heads.

Over several weeks, sketches, renderings, and animations were exchanged among the parties to establish the scenic aspects of the show. This has become known as the “flying bridge”. Rihanna performs two songs on the flying bridge, which transports her from B-Stage to the main stage.

For this tour, TAIT assets include:

All TAIT assets are controlled by TAIT Navigator, a proprietary automation platform.