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Technical DirectorJoseph Frisina

Sochi Olympic Ceremonies

LED Forest

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For the Sochi Olympic Ceremonies of the XXII Olympic Winter Games, TAIT was tasked with creating a three-dimensional forest of light capable of accepting video footage to produce a kinetic LED sculpture. Not only was the forest designed to beautifully fill the huge void created by the stadium roof but through automating the trusses the entire system could be lowered to become an integral part of the performances on the field of play.

The one-of-a-kind “LED FOREST” contained 209 internally lit, poly carbonate poles that were hung from trusses at spaced intervals above the field of play.

The uniquely formed, LED display was made up of 12m long tubes containing 8 strips of LED, with a pixel pitch of 20mm. Each tube had a central core of LED elements suitable to receive video signal with 360-degree visibility and was controlled from media servers capable of mapping the forest in three-dimensional space.

Due to the high-profile nature of the event, the system was designed to ensure that no single point of failure could occur and inhibit reliable delivery. The project was completed in conjunction with work on the Opening Ceremonies of the XXII Olympic Winter Games, where TAIT provided 20 x 10m wire frame figures with integrated LED, and was also extensively used as part of the of the XI Paralympic Winter Games.

“Working to extremely tight delivery deadlines and often very challenging conditions on-site, TAIT consistently performed well delivering their element of the show, both on time and on budget.”
– Joseph Frisina, Technical Director Worldwide Shows XXII Olympic Winter Games, Sochi Olympic Ceremonies 2014