Production ManagerGeorge Reeves
DesignerEs Devlin
Production DirectorJake Berry
Lighting DesignerPatrick Woodroffe

Batman LIVE

For Batman Live, we used cutting-edge staging, scenic and automation technology to take Batman out of the comic books and into an astounding and ambitious live experience. We created a main stage with both ease of assembly and visual interest in mind. Included in the stage, which was comprised of our proprietary magnetic deck system, were complex elements such as prop lifts, circular lifts, video integration and pantograph staircases.

We also created a dual-function trussing system which both incorporated the lighting and sound systems while in transit and could be used as a catwalk for aerial performers.

Batman Live
Batman Live
“This is an opportunity where theater and rock n’ roll meet, taking performers and turning arenas with rock n’ roll values into something never quite seen before.”Total Production International, September 2011

A chilling, scenic representation of the joker’s face was crafted. From the inside, a tongue-shaped mat was deployed to create a performance area. The joker’s head was a scenic masterpiece with structural integrity to support and showcase artists. 16 performers traversed a concealed jungle gym to act as the joker’s teeth, eyes and hair, bringing our hero’s terrifying nemesis to life.

We used our advanced TAIT Navigator Automation Platform to coordinate flying characters. The characters’ personalities were reflected in the aerial stunts – Batman jumps, for example, whereas Catwoman leaps. Capturing these subtleties made for an authentic experience.

We engineered a custom-built tracking system for the Batmobile, capable of traveling up to 4.9m per second. By bringing our experience from the rock’n’roll industry into a theatrical environment, we helped to deliver a technically innovative and visually impressive touring show.
Batman Live