Lighting DesignerCory FitzGerald
Production DesignerLeRoy Bennett
Production ManagerJoel Forman
Creative ConsultantTiffany Olson

Bruno Mars

24k Magic World Tour

For Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic World Tour, TAIT worked with Mars’ creative team to achieve a colorful ‘head to toe so player’ stage set design. To do so, TAIT provided full stage production and LED integration.

Prior to the show opener, the main stage is masked by an Austrian curtain adorned with an intricate image of a golden crown. When the show begins, the curtain rises revealing Bruno Mars and his band on a bright, neon-lit stage reminiscent of a funky, fresh stage set design from the 80’s and 90’s.

TAIT Bruno Mars Stage set design
TAIT Bruno Mars Stage set design

The stage is 59 ft. wide and built with custom TAIT Mag decks. Atop the decks sit custom LED light boxes that illuminate the stage floor in sync with the rhythm of the music.

In addition to the lit up stage floor, the stage has eight elevating lifts. Upstage, four electromechanical chain lifts are used to lift the band throughout the show and downstage there are four hydraulic scissor lifts with LED video panels installed on the front. The lifts raise Mars and the band 5.5 ft. above stage level, while video content is projected onto the LED video panels. All of the lifts, individually and collectively, showcase Mars, his band and the performers at different heights. The creative team considered the audience sightlines from every seat in the arena and used the lifts to enhance those sightlines.

TAIT Bruno Mars Stage set design
TAIT Bruno Mars Stage set design

TAIT manufactured a custom made LED light box ceiling structure that also matched the measurements of the stage. The structure included 20 ceiling light pods, 15 light pod columns and LED arches that rotated on and off stage. TAIT also created the XXIV scenic gold letters engraved with LED’s to represent Mars’ latest album.

Hanging from 72 Nav Hoists, this high-tech ceiling structure is synced to TAIT Navigator which controls the movement of all scenic elements above the stage, the lights, and the onstage lifts.

As the show comes to a close, the Austrian curtain reappears and descends to stage level, closing out the show.

TAIT Bruno Mars Stage set design
TAIT Bruno Mars Stage set design