Creative DirectorDavid Gallo
Production ManagerJesse Sandler
Co-DesignersChris Kuroda, Mike Baldassari


New Year's Eve 2016

Once again, Phish and TAIT reunite for another NYE spectacular.

On the last four days of 2016, Phish launched their New Year’s Run at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan, New York. A half hour before the New Year, the jam band began their final set with a musical production revealing this year’s surprise gag which combined the massive, LED video screens from their Summer Tour with floating kinetic LED umbrellas that moved above the stage and were accompanied by professional dancers who joined the band on stage and performed to a choreographed routine.

Kinetic LED Umbrellas
‘Most elaborate gag yet!’- David Gallo, Creative Director

Referenced by David Gallo, Creative Director, as Phish’s ‘most elaborate gag yet,’ TAIT manufactured and engineered sixteen floating Kinetic LED Umbrellas and were deployed by sixteen TAIT Nano Winches. The 42 inch wide, kinetic umbrellas had LED domes installed inside, which added a neon glow to Chris Kuroda’s already vibrant light show design.

Additionally, TAIT built the massive LED video screen, which was originally introduced to fans during Phish’s 2016 Summer Tour. Hanging 22 ft. above stage, the LED video screen was built to appear as one large video panel in the first set (5.6 ft. tall by 51.2 ft. wide) , and then, for the second set, the video screen separates into several smaller screens. The LED video screen displayed colorful, splash art via projection.

Kinetic LED Umbrellas

The entire show, including the LED video screen and kinetic LED umbrellas, was operated on TAIT Navigator, a software automation platform.

The creative team behind Phish’s New Year’s Run consisted of Production Manager, Jesse Sandler, longtime lighting designer, Chris Kuroda, fellow co-designer Mike Baldassari and Creative Director, David Gallo.