Art DirectorAlana Billingsley
Production DesignerDavid Korins

91st Academy Awards


Keegan-Michael Key dropped in ‘Mary Poppins-style’ at the 91st Academy Awards to introduce Bette Midler’s performance of “The Place Where Lost Things Go”. For Key’s grand entrance, TAIT supplied a performer flying rig activated by TAIT Navigator, an entertainment automation platform.

TAIT Navigator Flying Michael Keegan Keys at the Academy Awards
TAIT Navigator cues the LED umbrellas to float at Academy Awards

To create the magical world of Mary Poppins for Midler’s performance, TAIT provided 30 floating umbrellas. Of the 30 umbrellas, 14 were connected to TAIT Nano Winches and floated throughout the performance via TAIT Navigator.

Additionally, TAIT installed a K-Winch which was responsible for revealing the ‘Best Picture’ screen at the end of the show.