Production ManagerArthur Kemish
Production DesignerBaz Halpin

Taylor Swift

1989 World Tour

Now known internationally as the most iconic tour of 2015, the Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour was packed with scenic eye candy and supported by non-stop energetic choreography and singing. The success of the tour was due to an incredibly well-staffed team, from production, creative, logistics, automation, lighting, operations and more. From this collaboration, came the infamous propeller runway that Swift traversed while flying above the audience. The fabrication of the runway came from TAIT. Specifically, for the Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour, TAIT fabricated the massive 100 ft long, custom, propeller runway which raised to 16 ft in the air and then rotated 360 degrees over the audience. The runway permitted for numerous dancers to perform while it continuously rotated.

Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour
Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour

The propeller runway could also rake/ramp with a single performer standing at the top on a counter raked platform with a 3 ft. dial turntable at the tip. While raked, the propeller could also track downstage toward audience members.

TAIT also fabricated a custom scenically painted main stage with TAIT 9 mm LED panels embedded in the rises of the staircases. TAIT Navigator controlled two performer lifts, performer flying winches and Nav Hoists in the air.

Taylor Swift ‘1989’ World Tour Is Engineered to Be the Best Night of Your Life, and It Is. – Vice.Com
Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour
Taylor Swift 1989 World TOur
Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour