US Naval Academy

Alumni Hall

The US Naval Academy Alumni Hall is a multi-purpose facility that hosts everything from Midshipmen lectures to the Moscow Ballet, and it is also the Academy’s sports arena. TAIT Stage Technologies was selected to upgrade the US Naval Academy Alumni Hall’s 20-plus-year-old controls and limits: 58 axes primarily used for their performance events. TAIT Stage Technologies supplied and installed an automation and rigging system consisting of 74 winch axes and also replaced 22 winch motors.

US Naval Academy Alumni Hall
Us Naval Academy Alumni Hall

During the install, the US Naval Academy Alumni Hall asked for a proposal to repair the seating and stage pallet winch systems that are deployed from the rafters when needed. Upon due diligence inspections and research, it was discovered that manufacturer support of some of the control components expired nearly 10 years ago. The resulting upgrade proposal to integrate with the new automation system was approved and the work upgrade was performed in April 2014.

The automation and rigging system consisted of:

• 58 x BT Lite Motor Control Cabinet with Siemens PM340 drives
• 58 x Stromag Series 55 Limit Switches
• 22 x SEW Variable Speed Motors
• 1 x Motion Control Rack,
• 1 x Console rack with PC Wing,
• 2 x Solo G3 portable controllers
• 3 x Control Point Plus

TAIT Stage Technologies worked closely with the general contractor for this upgrade, C.E.R. Inc., to meet the exacting work site standards for this government contract.