TAIT 2023 Summer Internships

The TAIT Internship program brings high potential college students to TAIT global headquarters in Lititz, PA and our office in Boulder, CO for 10 weeks over the summer. The TAIT Internship program invests in emerging engineers, designers, technicians, artists, and professionals who will add a robust energy to our already fast-paced environment.

The TAIT internship program is a fully immersive, experiential program. Interns are placed in a department based on their major and interests. The internship experience will be curated by the departmental lead with the collaboration of the interns. The objective of the TAIT Internship program is to cultivate future employees who are familiar with TAIT’s culture, values, and objectives as well as providing hands on industry experience.

Successful students will be encouraged to apply for a full-time position if the given department has a placement opportunity. Students may also develop a passion for other departments and are welcome to apply to any opportunity that suits their interest.

The TAIT internship program is renowned for its direct correlation to entry-level opportunities suitable for college juniors, seniors, and graduate students as well as students attending a two-year trade school. Looking to start your career within the industries of live entertainment, manufacturing, and engineering? Apply for our internship opportunity to gain industry and hands on experience with the TAIT team!

We’re searching for interns to join these departments this summer: 

  • Mechanical Design & Engineering (Lititz, PA)
  • Control Engineering Intern (Lititz, PA)
  • Electrical Engineering Intern (Lititz, PA)
  • Information Technology (Lititz,PA)
  • Integration (Lititz, PA)
  • Project Management (Lititz, PA)
  • Operations – Fabrication & Machining (Lititz, PA)
  • Software Development (Boulder, CO)
  • Videography/Photography (Lititz, PA)

nternships are open to U.S. residents only.

We’re hiring for a variety of positions across our global company. Check out our careers page to see our current openings and to apply.

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