About TAIT Navigator

TAIT Navigator is a powerful entertainment automation platform that delivers dynamic live event experiences.

The platform’s product line of hardware and software supports full entertainment automation including machinery, lighting, audio, pyro, SFX, fountains, and more!


  • Products made for entertainment
  • Platform is flexible to adapt to the evolution of a project
  • Scalable system that can seamlessly scale 1 axis to 100s of axes


  • Optimize all phases of entertainment event production
  • Enables bigger, faster, better, smoother, safer operations
  • Interconnectivity of all live event features


  • Safe, Reliable and Flexible
  • Real Time operation
  • Event staff can focus on the show without interruption from automation cues




TAIT’s NAV:Atlas is a control interface designed primarily for stage management and maintenance personnel. It can be wall- or rack-mounted and operates any equipment connected to NAV:Net. Custom user interface screens show relevant functions for different types of operators and access levels, turning a complex system in a simple user interface.

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The NAV:RS4 is a central controller for the TAIT Navigator Automation Platform. It manages all aspects of the control system including motion control, cueing, user security, remote assistance, and the emergency stop system. It can interface with many other entertainment systems including lighting, video/projection, audio, CCTV, and SFX. It is typically installed in a central control rack and connected to the machine control cabinets to control the axes.

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TAIT’s NAV:Compass is a Navigator-embedded, handheld device that allows for remote control of devices connected to the Navigator Automation SystemTM. It features a simple interface for operating any equipment connected to NAV: Net and individual logins allow for customized levels of privileges that control access. Custom user interface screens show relevant functions for different types of operators and access levels. Three modes are available: move, jog and cue. Move mode sends an axis or group of axes to a precise location. Jog mode allows the user to manually move an axis or group of axes. Cue mode programs simple cues with an axis or groups of axes.

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TAIT’s NAV:Polaris is a modular, networked console that can operate with multiple Polaris consoles or as a standalone console. It features a large touchscreen interface and a multitude of channel options. The flexible channel options allow users to customize inputs, creating the ideal programming and show interface for each specific show. Users have the ability to pre-program shows with integrated 3D previsualization to allow for offline previewing, editing and exporting of movies.

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TAIT’s NAV:ESA is a network-based, master emergency stop controller that is capable of supporting 90 devices and is compliant with the highest safety standards. It is FSOE compliant which reduces the requirement for a separate Estop connection for external devices. Bypass is available for all channels with utilization possible only after internal safety checks are complete. The ESA is also EN 61508 SIL 3 and ISO 13849 PLe compliant with continuous hardware and software validation. Connections are made through the same Ethernet switches and cables as used in Navigator network. The controller can interface with legacy ESE controllers using an optional expansion card.

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For more information on NAV POINT, contact asktait@taittowers.com

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Navigator Software

Navigator is a powerful entertainment automation software that maximizes the creative potential for live events.

IQ powered by Navigator

By combining the power of Navigator with an intuitive interface, iQ simplifies the user experience and maximizes the creative flexibility of live events.

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TAIT Navigator Automation Platform Training

As TAIT Navigator develops so does the demand for Navigator operators. The goal of TAIT Navigator Training is to develop highly skilled and knowledgeable operators by providing them with the proper training toolkit.

  • Classroom training at a TAIT office
  • On-site training at your location
  • Introductory, Programming, Commissioning, and 3D courses
  • Custom courses tailored to your equipment and control system
  • Certification

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We got you

TAIT provides customized, bespoke support packages that include a vast offering of benefits.

  • Unlimited, 24-7 telephone, email, and customer portal support
  • A dedicated support manager
  • Remote access support
  • Access to TAIT’s online knowledge base including receipt of product bulletins and product release information


TAIT has centralized the group's service efforts to further meet the needs of our clients and deliver full support of our product line. Contact TAIT’s live 24-hour support team and a specialist will assist you with your needs:

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