TAIT Talks with Matthew Tonks about Dubai World Expo, Kinesys Acquisition and Rental Equipment

Matthew Tonks is a Senior Bid Manager based out of our UK office. His nearly 20 years at TAIT has led to longstanding client relationships and invaluable market intelligence. In this TAIT Talks, Matthew talks about TAIT’s involvement in the Middle East, its acquisition of Kinesys, its rental equipment and future projects.

Dubai World Expo

How long have you been with TAIT?
I have worked in the London office for 18 years, and in that time have seen massive changes. When I joined, I was employee no. 23, now I am part of a global team of over 800 with over 200 staff in the UK.

One of the many offices that TAIT has around the world is in Dubai. Why there?
A few years ago, Franco Dragone teamed up with Al Habtoor Group to create the amazing production that is now ‘La Perle’. We worked on several previous productions with Franco and were fortunate to win a significant contract to supply automation for the show in Dubai. While working there, we recognized how prominent live event productions were in the region and began seeing increased opportunities; thus, we created the Dubai office to support these. We have since completed several more installation projects in Dubai.

Which other countries in the Middle East has TAIT worked in?
Over several years we have completed installation projects in Saudi Arabia and Oman, as well as, UAE.

Why is TAIT different than other stage engineering and automation providers operating in the region?
TAIT is a world leader in providing live event experiences. We can provide a large range of services to support artists and their creative teams. Our client list reads like a ‘who’s who’ of the global entertainment industry, although many of our clients swear us to secrecy so we cannot name them! We are unique because we can provide a complete package from the original creative concept all the way through to a finished high-quality installation using equipment manufactured by us in UK and USA, and then provide support to the owners and operators. Many of the other providers of stage machinery and automation in the region are system integrators who do not have the knowledge, skills and resources that TAIT provides.

What projects is TAIT working on in the region at the moment?
We are working on a major installation for one of the iconic pavilions at EXPO 2020, which is of course the focus of a great deal of activity now in Dubai.

Can you share more information about your involvement in EXPO 2020?
I can’t share much, but what I can share is TAIT is proud to have been awarded a significant contract by Arabtec Construction, on behalf of the UAE National M